Lou Holtz Signed Notre Dame Football Helmet – With 5 Handwritten Quotes – Steiner


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Legendary Notre Dame football coach.

Amazing full-size Notre Dame football helmet signed “Lou Holtz” with the coach adding 5 inspirational handwritten quotations:

“The only thing that will change your life is the people you meet, the books you read & the choices you make”

“Everyday, someone does something great.  Today make that someone be you.”

“What you can do is determined by talent God gave you.  What you do is determined by your motivation, how well you do it is determined by your attitude.”

“Your future good or bad is determined by your choices.  Follow these 3 rules to make good choices.  1. Do right.  2.  Do your best.  3.  Show people you care.”

“Never the right time to do the wrong thing, never the wrong time to do the right thing.”

Steiner Sports hologram affixed to the helmet.

This is the only such autographed helmet we have ever seen – an absolute must-have for the football fan!