Billy Harris 1972-73 Goal Scored Hockey Puck – From First Ever NY Islanders Season


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In 1972, the founders of a company named Hockey Diversified Inc. envisioned that each puck shot into the net to produce an official goal scored in an NHL hockey game would develop a degree of intrinsic collector value for hockey fans everywhere. The founders took this idea to the NHL and procured the rights to all such NHL pucks during regular season and playoff games for a period of five years. Pucks shot into the net for a goal were collected by the referees, given to the time keepers to label and then shipped to Hockey Diversified to further label with scoring details. The pucks were then marketed to the public by Hockey Diversified Inc. Unfortunately this idea was ahead of its time and pucks sold poorly. The program lasted only two seasons, 1972-1973 and 1973-74. Hockey Diversified Inc. dissolved shortly thereafter.

This puck was used by Billy Harris to score the Islanders 112th goal of the season, and it was also the game-winning goal vs the Toronto Maple Leafs on February 6, 1973 at the Nassau Coliseum. The goal was assisted by Tom Miller and Bill Mikkelson.  It was Harris’ 17th goal of the season and of his career (he led the team in scoring during their Inaugural season with 28 goals).

The Islanders logo shows expected surface wear. The Goal Puck label shows a small mark along with a circular stain most likely from pucks stacked during storage.

The Islanders only won 12 games in their first season – with this puck coming from one of those wins.