William H. Taft 1921 Typed Letter Signed – Lengthy Two-Page Letter


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27th President.  Two-page typed letter signed (TLS) “Wm H. Taft”, April 11, 1921, personal stationery from New Haven, Connecticut, 8×11, to Gus Karger at the Post Building in Washington, D.C., in full:

Here I am in New Haven again, and I hope to be able to stay here for two months and once more to become a respectable member of society, living with my wife and family.

I am interested in what you say in respect to Viviani’s visit.  I can not help thinking, from what I have seen in the dispatches, that Harding is not overly anxious to have the Knox resolution go through.  Medill McCormick seems to be very active in spreading the idea that Harding has yielded entirely to the Senatorial cabal.  I assume that the message which Harding will deliver tomorrow will be full of detail as to his foreign policy.  I hope he will not use too many negatives and restrictions.  I presume he will submit to Hughes what he has to say, and I should hope that Hughes’ advice to him would be conservative.

I have nothing to do now except to prepare an address on representative government for the New York University, to be delivered on the 30th of April, to prepare some lectures on legal ethics, to be delivered sometime in May before the Boston University, and possibly to take up the row in the American Smelting and Refining Company over the Guggenheims’ management.  The Guggenheims won by a very large majority of votes, as you saw, and perhaps neither side will be anxious for an investigation now.  I wrote to Loeb, however, that I had been relieved from my continuous engagement at Montreal and was ready to take up the matter during the next six weeks.  I had a letter from him saying he would bring the matter before the Board tomorrow.  If they conclude to make the investigation, that will take up a good deal of my time, I presume.  Tomorrow I am going to Hampton Institute to attend the annual meeting of the Board of Trustees and the Commencement, although I must cut off my attendance at Commencement by hurrying back to New York to attend the great Yale dinner that is to be given to Dr. Angell, the President-elect.  Then I hope to reach New Haven again on Saturday, the 16th, and settle down to a quiet life.  I hope you will not forget me as a correspondent and advise me of the different phases of the situation as they develop from time to time.

Karger was the press chief of William Howard Taft’s 1908 presidential campaign and director of the Republican Party’s press bureau in the 1912 presidential election.

As mentioned by Taft, President Harding delivered a speech at a joint session of the two houses of Congress on April 12, 1921.

The letter is not without faults as there is staining, heavy in some areas, but has a large, dark signature.  Fine content letter.