William H. Taft 1920 Typed Letter Signed – “What Presidential Candidacies Will Bring Men To”


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27th President.  Four-page typed letter signed (TLS) “Wm H. Taft”, January 5, 1920, personal stationery from New Haven, Connecticut, 8×10.5, to Gus Karger at the Post Building in Washington, D.C., discussing the Senate’s evaluation of the League of Nations and the impending 1920 presidential election, in part:

Of course I am watching the action in the Senate with interest, but I confess I get not a great deal of information from the New York Times columns. The World correspondent seems to me to tell the plain facts with more accuracy. The Times correspondent seems to be largely under the control of Lodge and that gang…Coolidge seems to be really serious in his candidacy…I am amused to see that Nicholas Murray is to pronounce the oration on Roosevelt on the occasion of the anniversary of his death. Considering Nicholas’ attitude toward Theodore, and Theodore’s opinion of Murray, I consider this an illustration of what Presidential candidacies will bring men to…I would have included some references to Pershing’s prospects if he had not been so quiet and I had not taken for granted that he was not a candidate…I agree with you that it is wiser for you to keep out of the Harding campaign. You can help him with advice and other ways, but your strength is in your independence and that is what gives weight to what you write…Oh no I don’t mean to sever my relations to Yale at any time as long as they will keep me here, because I consider that relation a valuable one to maintain…The League to Enforce Peace had an Executive Committee meeting yesterday, and against my judgment they concluded to appoint a Committee of themselves and other organizations to go down and see whether by personal intercession they could not help a compromise.  This was when Sam Gompers was present…

In very good to fine condition, with slightly irregular light toning, and rusty paperclip impressions to the top edge.

Great letter discussing three other Presidents, John Pershing, Sam Gompers and many more!

Gus Karger was the press chief of William Howard Taft’s 1908 presidential campaign and director of the Republican Party’s press bureau in the 1912 presidential election.

Most of the Karger collection is heavily damaged – this letter less so and filled with superior content.