William H. Taft 1918 Autograph Letter Signed – National War Labor Board Stationery


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27th President.  Autograph letter signed (ALS) “Wm H. Taft”, September 24, 1918, front and back of very uncommon “National War Labor Board” stationery, 8×10.5, in part:

I have your very kind note of congratulation on the birth of a girl baby to my boy Charlie and thank you for it.  Charlie was 21 himself on September 20th so that he was a graduate of Yale, a second Lieutenant and a father all before he was 21 which is ‘going some.’  I was 61 on the 15th of September and I am not sure whether the little girl was [?] at my birthday or her fathers…

I remember with great pleasure my visit to your hospitable roof and hope to have the pleasure of meeting you and Mr. Stein in the near future.  Indeed I recall meeting Mr. Stein when I was in Baltimore…shall be glad to do so again when he has with him the lady who doubles his job and divides his sorrows.

P.S. the formidable appearance of this stationery is due to the fact that I have not got settled down.

In very good condition, folds, slightly chipped at the edges.  Light browning with some show through from writing on both sides.