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31st President.  Two-page typed letter signed (TLS) “Herbert Hoover”, 7.25×10.5, personal letterhead, April 20, 1956, to Paul Wooten at the National Press Building, in full:

When I first came to Washington at the request of President Wilson to be Food Administrator in May, 1917, you were already established as a newspaper representative.

You at once volunteered to cooperate in a difficult job.  I recollect explaining to you that no Food Administrator in Europe had lasted more than nine months because he had to tread on too many toes. You immediately helped mobilize the Washington press to give me support.

After the war, when I came back in 1921 to be Secretary of Commerce, you renewed your support.  At this time, in addition to your newspaper, you represented some of the business press.  You gave me one of the most valuable supports that any Secretary of Commerce ever had.  You suggested that I call a dinner, except during the summer months, of the editors and publishers of the business press. At these dinners we could discuss, off the record and frankly, not only the situation in the economic world but also the fate of the world in general.  Those monthly dinners continued for eight years.  I learned much from the editors and publishers, and they made many suggestions that were very valuable as to the service of the Department.

That same loyalty and support was given to me in the White House, where I had to meet the cyclone of depression which swept over us from Europe.

And your support has continued to this day, including two jobs of mine connected with the relief of the postwar famine in 1918 and in 1946 as well as the two Commissions on the Organization of the Government. 

What more can I say other than that you have been my constant friend for nearly forty years?

You are not only a man of skill and great character but also a man who is loyal in his friendships.

A simply astounding Hoover letter.