George H.W. Bush 1986 Typed Letter Signed as Vice President – With RARE Stamps Issued To Bush as VP


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41st President.  Typed letter signed (TLS) “George” AS VICE PRESIDENT, April 1, 1986, on “The Vice President Washington” stationery, to his fishing buddy Bob Boilard in Maine, in full:

When the postmaster set this to Bar and me, she immediately said ‘I know who gets this one’.  I hope you enjoy the stamps.

Hang in!

Love to Maddy.

Accompanied by 12×10 government issued booklet with front cover stating “United States Postal Service / Fish Booklet / Commemorative / U.S. Postage Stamps / March 21, 1986” and “George Bush / Vice President of the United States”.  Amazing item that actually belonged to Bush as VP, albeit briefly, as he gifted it to his very close friend and fishing buddy.

A famous fisherman, the elder Bush enjoyed casting his line for striped bass and blues off of his compound in Kennebunkport, Maine. As vice president, he played a key role in passing amendments to the Sportfish Restoration Act, and during his presidency he established 56 wildlife refuges.