Dwight D. Eisenhower 1953 Typed Letter Signed as President – To His Brother


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34th President.  Typed letter signed (TLS) “D.E.” AS PRESIDENT, one page, June 9, 1953, 7×9, “The White House Washington” stationery, to his brother, Edgar Eisenhower, in full:

I find that Mr. Gregory’s letter has been received and will be acted upon. The department that handles this sort of thing had felt there was no hurry about it since the letter is not needed until August.  I regret that they had not, meantime, acknowledged the letter.


P.S. If Congress adjourns, Mamie and I have tentative plans to be in Denver in August.  However, it is much too early to plan anything definitely.

A copy of Edgar’s letter is included.

In fine condition.  Staple hole at top left.

The two brothers (there were five Eisenhower brothers in all) were very different. Edgar, who held very strong politically-conservative views, felt that the federal government was usurping power from the states.  Because of his strong feelings against centralization, Edgar appears to have avoided Washington throughout his brother’s administration, even refusing to attend his second inauguration. Yet according to letters between them, the brothers’ relationship was usually amicable, often lighthearted.