Bill Clinton 1978 Typed Letter Signed – Just Weeks After Winning His First Election To Be Governor of Arkansas


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42nd President.  Typed letter signed “Bill”, December 28, 1978, “Bill Clinton / P.O. Box 615 / Little Rock, Arkansas 72203” stationery, to Glenn Thames in Fort Smith, Arkansas.  Clinton has handwritten “Glenn” in the salutation, in full:

Thank you for your contribution.  Although the campaign is officially over with the passing of the November 7 General Election, bills still remain to be paid and your contribution is most appreciated.

Support from you and citizens like you will enable me to be well-prepared to take office in January as your Governor.  I have always believed that advice and suggestions from concerned citizens such as yourself was important to my success in the past and will be as important to me in the future.

Again, thanks for your expression of support.  I hope to continue to merit the confidence you have placed in me.

In very good condition.

On November 7, 1978, Bill Clinton was elected Governor of Arkansas for the first time with 59.55% of the vote.  Clinton, at the age of thirty-two, became the youngest Arkansas governor, the youngest governor in the United States since Harold E. Stassen won in Minnesota in 1938 at the age of thirty-one, and the youngest governor in nation at this time. In 1992 he was elected third-youngest U.S. President.