William Seward 1840 Autograph Letter Signed – Angrily Complies With Autograph Request


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American statesman (1801-1872) who served as secretary of state in the Lincoln administration and who was severely injured in an attack that was part of the assassination conspiracy. His greatest political achievement was the purchase of Alaska from Russia, derided by contemporary skeptics as ‘Seward’s Folly.’

Autograph letter signed “William H Seward”, December 10, 1840, New York, in full:

Will my unknown friend excuse me for saying that in writing this note as an autograph for her collection at her request, I do what I have never before done in my life, namely I reply to an anonymous communication.  Why should not one who asks confidence extend it?  Why should mystery be [?] in an affair at once innocent and private?

In very good condition.