William Jennings Bryan 1913 Typed Letter Signed – About Woodrow Wilson


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American politician (1860–1925), three-time presidential candidate, Secretary of State under Woodrow Wilson, and one of the attorneys in the 1925 Scopes Trial.  Typed letter signed (TLS) “W.J. Bryan”, January 9, 1913, personal stationery from Miami, Florida., 8×10.5, to “Honorable H.C. Evans / Des Moines, Iowa”.  Lengthy letter with great content, in part:

…I hope you will not allow yourself to grow pessimistic; I approve most heartily of Governor Wilson’s actions so far.  I think he was wise in not following course which you would have advised, – that is, in not singling me out for special honors or attentions.  I was one of the first invited to visit him, and our conference was a very pleasant one.  I have a growing confidence in his judgment and discretion.  Do not allow yourself to be worried about what the papers say concerning the distribution of patronage; the papers have to have something to talk about, and as they have no facts on the subject of patronage, they must spend time guessing.  I have no doubt that Governor Wilson will endeavor to use the patronage to strengthen the party, and I feel sure also that he will welcome suggestions from any source in order that he may act with as much light as possible.
I appreciate your letter to him, although where I have known it in advance, I have discouraged the writing of letters, for I would not want him to think that my support of the administration depended upon any favors shown me.

Folds, light stain at top, bold signature.