William H. Taft 1914 Typed Letter Signed – Incredible Boy Scouts Content


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27th President.  Typed letter signed (TLS) “Wm H. Taft”, January 15, 1914, 7×9, personal “William H. Taft / New Haven, Conn” stationery, to Charles D. Hart in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in full:

I have your letter of January 14th, in which you ask me for a message to the Boy Scouts of America of Philadelphia.  I have not any message to the boys, except to say that I hope that in the training they receive as scouts they will acquire the prudential virtues of self-discipline, providence, and self-sacrifices as well as the affirmative virtues of love of country and love of God, and they they will remember that while manners seem to be only a surface quality, they frequently indicate a sound and just view of the rights and feelings of others.

Several corrections are in Taft’s hand in the body of the text.

An amazing sentiment from the former President to the young boys in the Boy Scouts program.

Charles D. Hart, was a Philadelphia physician best known for the important contributions he made to the Boy Scouts over the course of four decades.