William H. Taft 1913 Typed Letter Signed – “The Proper Government Of The Country Requires A Republican Congress”


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27th President.  Typed letter signed (TLS) “Wm H. Taft”, June 14, 1913, personal stationery from New Haven, Connecticut, 7×9, to Gus Karger at the Post Building in Washington, D.C., in full:

I have your letter of June 11th.  It was a great pleasure to see you and talk with you and Hilles on my visit to Washington.  The truth is, I never passed three pleasanter days in my life than I did in renewing old acquaintances in the Capital, under conditions so free from responsibility, as those of my recent visit.  I mean to come down to Washington three or four times a year on Lincoln Memorial business and just to keep in touch.

I am glad Willis introduced a bill in respect to interstate and foreign commerce.  I have no idea that this will pass a Democratic Congress, and it will furnish an additional reason why the proper government of the country requires a Republican Congress. 

Karger was the press chief of William Howard Taft’s 1908 presidential campaign and director of the Republican Party’s press bureau in the 1912 presidential election.

The letter has a rusted paperclip at top left with a copy of Karger’s original letter attached.  Several words corrected in Taft’s hand.  Large, dark signature.