William H. Taft 1911 Typed Letter Signed as President – Sent From South Dakota


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27th President.  Typed letter signed (TLS) “Wm H. Taft” AS PRESIDENT, October 23, 1911, 7×9, The White House Washington letterhead but sent from Aberdeen, South Dakota, to H.V. Jones, Editor of the Minneapolis Journal, in full:

I have yours of the 21st.  I shall not embarrass my Minnesota friends by discussing reciprocity in Minneapolis.  I have referred to it on the trip only causally and incidentally, because I have felt that it was not particularly becoming in a rejected suitor to complain of his lot.

I shall be very glad to see you in Minneapolis, and meanwhile I have asked the Postmaster General to appoint Mr. Price a chief clerk in the Railway Mail Service if it is at all possible for him to do so.

Presented matted and framed.  Extremely RARE letter sent from his visit to South Dakota.

In October of 1911, President Taft made a three-day visit through South Dakota. It was the homeward leg of a swing through the western United States.

President Taft’s railroad tour of the state included stops and speeches through larger South Dakota towns, as well as brief stops in smaller communities. The trip provided many people and several towns their first opportunity to host and hear a sitting U.S. president.

On Monday Oct. 23, President Taft talked with Pierre schoolchildren at 8:30 a.m., gave a speech at the depot, and headed east out of Pierre.

The president’s next main stops were in Huron and Aberdeen. A number of special trains were run to both Huron and Aberdeen for “Taft Day.” Taft also made brief stops at a number of South Dakota towns, including Miller and Redfield.

The president’s special train arrived in Aberdeen shortly after 5:30 p.m. A parade of automobiles followed the president, along with the South Dakota State band, the Grand Army of the Republic, Spanish-American War Veterans and Company L of the National Guard.

Taft gave a speech at the Northern Normal and Industrial School. The motorcade continued to the headquarters of the Aberdeen Commercial Club for a banquet. The president’s special train left Aberdeen near midnight.