William H. Taft 1904 Typed Letter Signed – Great Republican Party Content


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27th President.  Typed letter signed “Wm H. Taft”, May 6, 1904, War Department stationery, 8×10.5, to Cornelius Bliss, in full:

I write to urge upon you the great good which you can do your party and your country by becoming the head of the National Committee.  The President is most anxious that you should accept the place, and in a discussion in the Cabinet to-day it was agreed that it was the duty of all of us who knew you to bring to bear such influence as we might have to secure your services.  It was thought that you could be greatly relieved from routine work by the selection of active assistants.  On the other hand, your headship of the committee would secure the confidence of the community in the proper methods to be pursued in carrying the elections, and especially secure the confidence of those from whom contributions may be expected that the money will be in every respect carefully husbanded and expended only for legitimate campaign purposes.  I know that the labor and responsibility seem in some respects a thankless task, and yet your sturdy Republicanism and your earnest desire to continue that party in power will doubtless furnish all the motive that need be.

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Cornelius Newton Bliss (January 26, 1833 – October 9, 1911) was an American merchant, politician and art collector, who served as Secretary of the Interior in the administration of President William McKinley and as Treasurer of the Republican National Convention in four successive campaigns.