Warren G. Harding 1923 Typed Letter Signed as President


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29th President.  Typed letter signed “Warren G. Harding” AS PRESIDENT, one page, 7×9, The White House Washington stationery, April 30, 1923, to Roy S. Smith of the Albany Chamber of Commerce giving his opinion on the value of civic organizations, in full:

An experience with the various types of civic organizations, such as chambers of commerce, boards of trade, commercial clubs and the like, covering in a somewhat active way substantially my entire business life, has led me to the firm conviction that organizations of this class are of great value – the most practical kind of value – to their communities. They bring together in a real community of interest the most effective courses for civic advance and progress. Their full and free discussions of a wide range of subjects broaden the vision of those who participate and cannot but produce a more accurate judgment on issues thus considered. Through such organizations those large cooperations which are essential to furthering community interests are made possible.  It has been my observation that without exception the city which vigorously and enthusiastically supports one or more organizations of this kind is likely to be classed among progressive and illuminated communities, and that the city which fails in such efforts is pretty sure to be excluded from that classification.

In excellent condition.  Previous collector’s notes on blank integral page. Two pinholes at top, including one at the center of a lightened circle – possibly where it was thumbtacked.