U.S. Grant Autograph Letter Signed as President – Sent From Vacation in Rhode Island


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18th President. Impressive two-page (first and third pages of 4-page leaf) autograph letter signed “Yours truly U.S. Grant” AS PRESIDENT, August 24, 1970, 4.5×7 “Fair Lawn, Newport” stationery, to “Dear Dent” (his brother-in-law and military secretary Brigadier General Frederick T. Dent), in full:

I wish you would send word to Adams & Co. Express office that there is a pony at the White House, to be shipped to Mr. Hoey at Long Branch, and find out when they will be ready to take him. When they are direct Richard to deliver ‘Little Reb’ with his single harness.

We leave here for West Point on Friday evening. I do not know when I will be in Washington again.

“Little Reb” was a black Shetland pony belonging to Grant’s youngest son, Jesse. At age six he boldly rode his pony to the front under fire at Fort Harrison to the consternation of his father, who thought he was safe in the rear (Porter, Campaigning with Grant, pp. 300-1).

Grant had a summer cottage in Long Branch, New Jersey. His friend John Hoey was general manager of the Adams Express Co. and a Long Branch property developer.

Published in The Papers of Ulysses S. Grant: November 1, 1869-October 31, 1870, p. 259.

Grant wrote his sister Virginia Grant Corbin on August 21, 1870, stating:  “By arrangement of a year’s standing Julia and I go to Newport on Tuesday morning next, to be gone there, and at West Point, one week.”

On August 22, 1870, Grant offered Proclamation 192 – “Neutrality of Citizens of the United States in the War Between France and the North German Confederation”.