Theodore Roosevelt Document Signed as President – RARE Cabinet Appointment


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26th President.  Document signed “Theodore Roosevelt” AS PRESIDENT, 16×10.5, December 7, 1904, appointment of “…Victor H. Metcalf, of California, I have nominated, and, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, do appoint him Secretary of Commerce and Labor…”.  Countersigned by John Hay as Secretary of State.  Seal at lower left.

Victor Howard Metcalf (October 10, 1853 – February 20, 1936) was an American politician; he served in President Theodore Roosevelt’s cabinet an Secretary of Commerce and Labor, and then as Secretary of the Navy.  President Roosevelt appointed him Secretary of Commerce and Labor. As Secretary of Commerce, Roosevelt sent Metcalf to San Francisco in 1905 as an intermediator between the San Francisco school board and 91 Japanese students who were refused entry to public schools. A compromise was reached where the students would be permitted into the public schools while Japan would stop issuing passports to laborers. He served until December 12, 1906, when he was appointed Secretary of the Navy. During his term, he oversaw the world cruise of the Great White Fleet. The pressures of office took a toll on his health and he resigned as navy secretary November 13, 1908.