Theodore Roosevelt 1913 Typed Letter Signed – Mentioning Taft and Wilson


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26th President.  Typed letter signed (TLS) “T. Roosevelt”, April 15, 1913, 6.75×7.5, The Outlook stationery, to G.B. Daniels of The Enquirer in Oakland, California, in full:

Good for you!  I entirely agree with you.  I refrained from anything of any kind that would be embarrassing to President Wilson, but that is no reason why I should submit to deliberate mis-statement and assault from him.

The citrus fruit growers are getting just what was coming to them.  Every man who supported Taft or Wilson last year was trying to bring just what these men have to face.  The machine Republicans and Democrats had better take their medicine and not complain.

Toning to top half, staple holes at top left.

Accompanied by carbon of Daniels’ original letter and two editorials from April 2 and 3, 1913.

Fantastic letter coming just months after the election of 1912 where Roosevelt ran against both Taft and Wilson.

In original letter to TR, Daniels mentioned:

“I travelled back and forth to Chicago three times last year trying to assist in putting at the head of this government the man I believe should be there.  We failed to do this because of conditions and circumstances for which none of the Progressives were to blame and not because we were beaten.  In fact, I do not feel any more beaten now than I did when the fight was begun…I do not believe that we should quietly permit even so illustrious a gentleman as the present president to misrepresent the position of the Bull Moose and their recognized leader…”