Theodore Roosevelt 1912 Typed Letter Signed – Just After Election & 1 Month After Being Shot


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26th President.  Typed letter signed (TLS) “Theodore Roosevelt” on his personal letterhead from his office at The Outlook magazine, Oyster Bay, New York, November 12, 1912, to Henry L. Stoddard. Typed just under a month after the Bull Moose was shot in an attempted assassination and just 1 week after the contentious 1912 election, the letter reads:

Surely I need not tell you how deeply I appreciate all you have done in this campaign.  I thank you from my heart.  Good luck be with you always!

Presented framed and matted.

The late months of 1912 were very eventful for Roosevelt.  Tensions were high within the Republican Party after President William Howard Taft, presidential successor to Roosevelt and fellow Republican, failed to carry out the anti-trust crusade that Roosevelt had begun in his own presidential term. Infighting and hostility during the 1912 Republican National Convention in Michigan led to a major schism in the Republican party; namely, the creation of the “Progressive” or “Bull Moose” Party led by Theodore Roosevelt, the Party’s presidential candidate. Although Roosevelt lost to the Democrat Woodrow Wilson, he received more votes than the Republican Taft, becoming the only third-party candidate in U.S. history to finish higher than third in a presidential election; it was because of the splitting the Republican votes between Taft and Roosevelt that Democrat Woodrow Wilson was able to seize the victory.