Theodore Roosevelt 1897 Typed Letter Signed as Assistant Secretary of the Navy


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26th President. Two-page typed letter signed (TLS) “Theodore Roosevelt” as Assistant Secretary of the Navy, April 30, 1897, 5.25×6.5, just 11 days into his new position, in full:

Allow me to thank you most warmly, and, through you, the Ladies Health Protective Association, for your very kind and welcome letter.  Nothing could have pleased me more.  I particularly enjoyed my experiences in the New York Police Forces, because I had a chance of working with such associations as yours, and I deeply appreciated the aid you always gave me, and I tried to aid you in return.

With very great regard, believe me

Roosevelt had just completed his duties as President of the Board of Commissioners of the New York City Police Department and was just beginning his term as Assistant Secretary of the Navy – a post he would leave a year later to lead the Rough Riders during the Spanish-American War.