Lyndon B. Johnson Typed Letter Signed To Vice President Spiro T. Agnew


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37th President.  Typed letter signed (TLS) “LBJ”, August 18, 1969, 7×9, embossed “LBJ” stationery, Austin, Texas, addressed to:  “Honorable Spiro T. Agnew / The Vice President / Washington, D.C. 20510”, in full:

Thank you so much for your warm greeting.  It added to the happiness of a most memorable and happy birthday.

With warm personal regards,

Stapled at top to the carbon copy of Agnew’s letter to LBJ, sent to Johnson at the Western White House in San Clemente, California, reading:

Congratulations Mr. President on what I hope will be a most memorable and happy birthday.  I am sure it is gratifying to you to feel the warm and sincere approval of your fellow citizens who now have the opportunity to sense Lyndon Johnson, the man, instead of relying on the political fiction composed by those who knew the least.

Just a month earlier, Agnew and LBJ stood side-by-side at the launch of Apollo 11.

An unbelievably uncommon association letter from a former President (and former VP) to a current Vice President.  Agnew and LBJ had a long-standing friendship.  Agnew had been a supporter of LBJ’s handling of the Vietnam War.  According to Spiro Agnew And The Rise Of The Republican Right by Justin Coffey, “Agnew described Johnson as a ‘conscientious person who has the interest of the United States at heart.’  Republican Agnew never shied away from praising the Democratic Johnson and the two men developed a good relationship.  Johnson invited Agnew to the White House on several occasions, and Agnew told friends that he was LBJ’s ‘favorite Republican.'”