Lyndon B. Johnson 1962 Typed Letter Signed as Vice President


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36th President.  Typed letter signed (TLS) “Lyndon B. Johnson” AS VICE PRESIDENT, June 30, 1961, “The Vice President Washington” stationery, to his eye doctor Allan A. Isen, in full:

What a nice gesture!

I appreciate so much your offer to lend a hand with our camel-driver.  Right now, we don’t know whether he’ll be allowed to come.  If so, I will remember the kind offer and take advantage of it.

In very good condition, folds, some handling wear.

Bashir Ahmad was an impoverished Pakistani camel driver, who in 1961 met with the then US vice-president Lyndon B. Johnson and accepted an invitation to come to America. The vice president soon turned the event into a public relations coup.

Lyndon Johnson was in Karachi, Pakistan on behalf of President Kennedy as part of a goodwill mission, it was here that he met Bashir Ahmad in a group of camel drivers on a roadside. He pressed the flesh even patting the camels. He used a phrase he had regularly said in his travels, “Y’all come to Washington and see us sometime” but was completely surprised when the illiterate camel driver accepted his offer. With the press hot on his heels after the acceptance, the vice-president took advantage of the People-to-People program to fund the Pakistani’s travel expenses.