John F. Kennedy Autograph Manuscript as US Senator – Amazing Autobiographical Handwritten Notes


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35th President. Two-page autograph manuscript, unsigned, “United States Senate Washington, D.C.” stationery, 8×10.5, handwritten notes in JFK’s hand giving an outline of his family’s history and his personal accomplishments.  The notes were prepared to aid Alex Irenee du Pont Bayard, Lieutenant Governor of Delaware, who was introducing Kennedy before an audience.  Senator Kennedy has written, in part:

Grandfather John F. Fitzgerald.  Congressman 55 years ago from same district…later Mayor of Boston…” 

Kennedy then outlines his own biography:

Graduated Harvard 1940 cum laude.  Served as Commander of P.T. Boat for the Pacific in war.  Worked for newspaper – Chicago Herald…Elected to 80th, 81st, 82nd Congress…Elected this year [1952] to Senate [by] 70,000 votes…

Bayard added at the conclusion:

Brought to Democrats the luck of the Irish!  The Senator from the State of Massachusetts Hon. John F. Kennedy

Accompanied by Bayard’s manuscript summary of JFK’s bio.

In excellent condition, some pencil notations erased, folds.