Isaac Shelby 1813 Document Signed as Governor of Kentucky


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Two-time governor of Kentucky and military veteran of Lord Dunmore’s War, the Revolutionary War, and the War of 1812; while governor during the War of 1812, he led the Kentucky militia to victory at the Battle of the Thames (1750–1826).

Partly-printed document signed (DS) “Isaac Shelby” , one page, 13 x 8, March 23, 1813. As governor of Kentucky, Shelby appoints Franklin Collier as “Justice of The Peace in the county of Nicholas to fill the vacancy occasioned by the appointment of Jesse Baskett as Sheriff of said county”. Docketed on verso attesting to the fact that Collier took the oath of office.

The white paper seal affixed to the lower left remains fully intact but browned.

Interestingly presented within double-sided glass and floating on red velvet mat.  The document, encased in glass, can be removed from the display as it hangs on hooks.  An interesting display piece!