Harry S. Truman 1951 Typed Letter Signed as President – Truman Goes After a Conservative Radio Broadcaster


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33rd President.  Typed letter signed “Harry S. Truman” AS PRESIDENT, July 12, 1951, 7×9, The White House Washington stationery, to his longtime friend and business partner David H. Morgan, in full:

I read yours of the tenth with a great deal of interest.  The best thing to do with regard to Fulton Lewis is to pay no attention to him.  He never told the truth in his life and if he met the truth in the road he would walk around behind and stab it in the back — so the best thing for you to do is to pay no attention to him.  You and I know where we stand and there is nothing for either one of us to be ashamed of.

Fulton Lewis was a conservative radio broadcaster who was prominent between the 1930s and 1960s. Lewis strongly opposed the US’s involvement in WWII, and spoke out against both FDR and Harry Truman.

David H. Morgan was an early business partner with Truman.  Together, they founded the Morgan Oil & Refining Company in 1916.  They came very close to striking oil gold but sold the business just before the oil fields they were exploring were found to contain an incredible amount of oil.

In very good condition, some browning/toning, small tape remnants from prior mounting on edges.

A characteristically blunt letter from the 33rd President of the United States.  At the time, Lewis, among others, was trying to draw attention to the President’s business dealings with Morgan in 1916-1919.  Truman was actively working to thwart Lewis.