George H.W. Bush Typed Letters Signed Archive – Related To Playing Tennis With Bjorn Borg


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41st President.  Amazing archive of three (3) letters to Wilhelm Wachtmeister, all related to playing tennis with Swedish tennis legend Bjorn Borg.  The archive consists of:

* Typed letter signed (TLS) “George” on Vice President of the United States notecard, October 13, 1983, in full:  Thanks for your note and the photographs – I love them.  They bring back pleasant memories.  Playing tennis with Bjorn Borg was a thrill of a lifetime.  I’ll never forget that wonderful experience.

* Typed letter signed (TLS) “George” on The Vice President Washington stationery, June 27, 1987, noted as “self-typed”, in full:  I have asked my scheduling office to work out the match with you and bjorn Borg.  I am sure it will be done.  I’m going into training – now!

* Typed letter signed (TLS) “George Bush” (autopen) on The White House Washington stationery, June 15, 1989, in full:  Thanks for your kind note transmitting the sports apparel from Bjorn Borg.  It was a real pleasure to play the White House court with you, Bjorn and Ove Bengtson.  Perhaps we can change partners the next time around.  Barbara joins me in sending out warmest regards to you and Ulla.

All three with filing punch holes.

Count Wilhelm Hans Fredrik Wachtmeister (29 April 1923 – 3 February 2012) was a Swedish career diplomat who served as the Swedish Ambassador to the United States for 15 years from 1974 to 1989, eventually becoming the Dean of the Diplomatic Corps in 1986, as the longest-serving ambassador in the U.S. diplomatic corps.

According to UPI of June 28, 1983:

Vice President George Bush met with King Carl XVI Gustaf at the Royal Palace today but said the most exciting part of his tour of western Europe occurred earlier in the day — a tennis victory with doubles partner Bjorn Borg.

The early morning match on the second day of Bush’s visit to Sweden was followed by courtesy calls on the leaders of Sweden’s parliamentary opposition and the royal lunch.

 Bush’s two-day visit to Sweden ends tonight with a government dinner at the Foreign Ministry. He leaves for Norway Wednesday morning aboard Air Force Two.

Bush and retired tennis pro Borg teamed up against the Swedish Ambassador to Washington Wilhelm Wachtmeister and tennis veteran Jan-Erik Lundqvist to win 3-6, 6-1, 6-3 in a relaxed game at Stockholm’s Royal Tennis Hall.

‘This is the chance of a lifetime and certainly the most exciting thing to happen during this trip,’ a smiling Bush said after the match. ‘It sure beats (the riots at) Krefeld, (West Germany).’

According to the NY Times of September 10, 1987:

Vice President Bush, who has declined to engage his Republican political opponents face to face until the end of October, is taking on a sporting challenge today that may require even more courage and stamina. Shortly after dawn, Mr. Bush is venturing onto the tennis court at his Vice Presidential residence for a doubles match with Bjorn Borg of Sweden and Vitas Gerulaitis of the United States, two formidable professionals, and Count Wilhelm Wachtmeister, the Swedish Ambassador, who plays regularly in the Vice President’s games. Mr. Bush will be teamed with Mr. Borg, and Mr. Gerulaitis with the Ambassador.

Prime Minister Ingvar Carlsson of Sweden, who is in Washington this week for an official visit, may also participate, but since the sweaty revels are scheduled for 6:45 A.M. his appearance remains problematical.