Franklin Pierce 1837 Autograph Letter Signed as Senator


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14th President.  Two-page autograph letter signed “Frank: Pierce” as US Senator, Match 10, 1837, Washington.  Pierce, in just his 6th day as a Senator, writes a letter to Mahlon Dickerson who was serving as Secretary of the Navy under President Martin Van Buren.  The letter reads, in part:

Dr. Francis O. Stufir of Gilford is desirous of receiving the appointment of Surgeons Mate in the U.S. Navy and I would bespeak for his application your favorable notice.  I am not personally acquainted with Dr. Stufir but am informed on the best authority that he is [?] in his profession and a gentleman of excellent character…for the examination to which I trust he will be admitted.

With integral address leaf on verso of second leaf.

Pierce was just 32-years-old at the time and began his Senate term 6 days earlier on March 4, 1837.