Franklin D. Roosevelt Typed Letter Signed as President – May 28, 1938


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32nd President.  Typed letter signed (TLS) “Franklin D. Roosevelt” AS PRESIDENT, 7×9, May 28, 1938, The White House Washington stationery but sent from Hyde Park, NY, to Commander George Sweet, in full:

Thank you for that nice note.  I wish much that I could have found time to run over to the Naval Hospital to see you but, as always, I was particularly busy after my return from the cruise. 

I am delighted that you are feeling better and I do hope I shall have a chance to see you soon.

My best wishes to you,

Accompanied by original White House mailing envelope.

In fine condition, mailing fold, spot of toning.

Commander George C. Sweet was a U.S. Navy officer significant in promoting the early use of aircraft by the Navy. In September 1908, then-Lieutenant Sweet, serving as a Naval observer, reported favorably on the Wright Brothers airplane demonstration at Fort Meyer, near Washington, D.C. In 1909 Sweet was taken up with the Wright Brothers first Army flyer, becoming the first Navy officer to travel in an airplane. Sweet was then assigned to the Navy’s school for airplane instruction, and was thereafter a Navy engineer in Washington, specializing in steam engines. In early 1919 Sweet was named assistant to the Naval Attache at the American embassy in Paris, a particularly plum posting as the peace conference to end World War I was being carried on in Versailles.