Franklin D. Roosevelt Typed Document Signed as President – War-Dated Navy Relief Appeal


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32nd President.  Typed document signed “Franklin D. Roosevelt” AS PRESIDENT, The White House Washington stationery, 8×10.5, hand-dated at top right “March 4, 1942”, in full:

There is nothing finer than to build up this fund for the Navy Relief Society. I urge you to do your utmost, and do it now!

This quote appeared in newspapers throughout the country as FDR was named the honorary President of the Navy Relief Society in their fundraising efforts early in World War II.

Anticipating the personal needs of those serving in the U.S. military during World War II, President Franklin D. Roosevelt authorized a public appeal for support to benefit the military relief associations. This national fundraising effort helped establish the Society’s Reserve Fund in 1942.   This very document represents the original appeal made by President Roosevelt.

According to the My Day column by Eleanor Roosevelt, May 18, 1942, the First Lady said:

The Navy Relief Society is joining with the Army Emergency Relief Fund in undertaking more work than has ever been done before for the families of the men in service. Up to this time, the Navy has always taken care of its own people. For the first time, through a series of special events, they are asking the general public to join with them in raising their funds. I am sure there is going to be a very warm response.

From these funds the Navy will lend money to the families of men who find themselves temporarily in need of assistance. Where allotments, Social Security and Red Cross gifts do not completely take care of any home situation, the Navy Relief will be able to help the three branches of its service—the Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard. These are wartime appeals I am sure we shall be anxious to meet, so that no community will have difficulty in raising its quota.

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