Edward Everett 1855 Autograph Letter Signed


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American statesman (1794–1865) renowned for his oratory, best remembered for giving the speech preceding Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address.  Congressman, Senator, Governor of Massachusetts and Secretary of State under Millard Fillmore.

Four-page autograph letter signed (ALS) “Edward Everett”, November 14, 1855, marked “Private” at top, 5×8, lengthy response to an invitation, in part:

I have received your favor of the 10th inviting me to deliver a lecture before your Association…giving my name to your Society…I fear, however, that it will not be in my power…I have been invited for several successive years to address the Maryland Institute, a very important public institution, but have always declined.  This year I was much urged to repeat before them an address on the character of Washington, which I am to prepare for the Mercantile Library Association of this city…There are associations which bear my name in the City of New York and in Brooklyn…I may also observe that my appearance before a club bearing my name might be thought ostentation.  This consideration led me to decline attending the recent opening of the ‘Everett House’ in New York…