Dwight Eisenhower Typed Letter Signed – “The Need For Real Unity”


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34th President.  Typed letter signed (TLS) “Ike”, August 31, 1962, on personal “DDE Gettysburg Pennsylvania” stationery, to his old friend Clarence Schoo, in full:

Thanks a lot for your note, which came to my desk immediately after I got home from Europe.  My tour was a little bit more of a chore than I had anticipated.  I became extremely fat — because there we so many dinners and lunches — and in the meantime became a little bit tired out.  Maybe there is some connection between the two.

The stack of political mail on my desk convinces me that more and more Republicans are beginning to understand the need for real unity.  If we can achieve this we shall have gained a real victory.

Give my love to Gracie and of course all the best to yourself.

Square area of toning touching signature, mailing folds.