Calvin Coolidge 1924 Typed Letter Signed as President – Election Content & Harding Connection


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30th President.  Typed letter signed (TLS) “Calvin Coolidge” AS PRESIDENT, November 10, 1924, The White House Washington stationery, to Carl W. Sawyer in Marion, Ohio (son of the personal physician to President Warren G. Harding, and at this time, to Florence Harding). in full:

Mrs. Coolidge joins me in the pleasure I have in receiving and acknowledging your message of felicitation on the results of the election.  We have both been especially pleased to have your word of Mrs. Harding’s improvement, and ask that you will express our most affectionate good wishes to her.  I know how much happiness the election result must have brought to her.  We send all regards and good wishes to yourself and Mrs. Sawyer.

In very good condition, bold signature, mailing fold.

On November 4, 1924, Coolidge, who had assumed the Presidency upon the death of President Harding, won the Presidential election.  Carl Sawyer was the son of Charles Sawyer, who was the personal physician to the Harding’s (and often blamed for President Hardin’s death) – and although Coolidge expresses pleasure of the improvement of the former First Lady, she would pass away just 11 days later.

Great association and content!