Calvin Coolidge 1919 Typed Letter Signed as Governor of Massachusetts


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30th President.  Typed letter signed (TLS) “Calvin Coolidge” as Governor of Massachusetts, July 7, 1919 “The Commonwealth of Massachusetts / Executive Department / State House, Boston” letterhead, to Clarence Hobbs, Jr., a Massachusetts State Senator, in full:

I take great pleasure in handing herewith a quill with which I have today signed an Act ‘To permit absent voters to vote as State Elections’.

Great letter from early in Coolidge’s political career.  Unfortunately, the quill pen referred to does not accompany the letter.

In very good condition, toning, especially at top border.

The Act referred to by Coolidge can be found here.

Republican Calvin Coolidge climbed the political ladder in his home state of Massachusetts.  He won election to the State Senate in 1911.  Coolidge intended to retire after his second term as was the custom, but when the President of the State Senate, Levi H. Greenwood, considered running for Lieutenant Governor, Coolidge decided to run again for the Senate in the hopes of being elected as its presiding officer.  He won and held that position for several terms.  He later decided to run for Lieutenant Governor, won, and held the office from 1916-1919.

Coolidge would go on to serve as Governor of Massachusetts from 1919-1921, become Vice President of the United States in 1921 and succeed to President when Warren G. Harding died on August 2, 1923.