Aldous Huxley Autograph Letter Signed


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** Author of Brave New World, Advocates for an International Trust Fund **

Influential British writer (1894–1963) best known for the twentieth-century classics Brave New World and The Doors of Perception.

Lengthy autograph letter signed “Aldous Huxley”, July 3, 1936, 8.25×5.25, three pages, La Gorguette letterhead, in full:

Thank you for your letter and the extremely interesting article which accompanied it. I like the idea of an international trust fund very much. Apart from the fundamental question of the willingness or otherwise of the nations to constitute such a fund, I imagine the difficulty of transferring sums of such magnitude from one country to an international authority in another. The history of reparations makes it sufficiently clear that they can’t be transferred in cash. The sums can only be paid in goods and services – except in the cause of creditor nations whose favorable balance allows them to make overseas investments and who could direct the sums ordinarily used for investment to the league. I know much too little however about economics to be able to criticize the scheme in detail but what I am sure of is that the idea of making the league serve among other things as a kind of international trustee, factor and insurance company is very valuable. Idealism has got to translate itself into terms of good business to make itself effective. And this would very soon reveal itself as good business. Except of course for he vested interests. These remain a very serious problem – perhaps most serious of all. The great mass of men and women who have no enormous stake in any existing institutions have only a psychological objection to change; but there is a minority whose objection is also economic – and so long as it retains presents, such change as that which you propose will be very hard to carry through. Meanwhile how depressing is the spectacle of left-wing enthusiasm for a military league? The saber rattling in the liberal press has been really deafening during these last weeks.