Salmon P. Chase Letter Signed as Secretary of the Treasury


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Politician (1808–1873) who served as Secretary of the Treasury for the first three years of Abraham Lincoln’s term, after which Lincoln appointed him Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

Two-page letter signed (LS) “S. P. Chase”, 7.75 x 9.75, Treasury Department letterhead, December 10, 1863, to Andrew Jamieson Esq., Collector, Alexandria, VA”, refusing to intervene in the fines on the Steamers “Manhattan” and “Charlotte Vanderbilt” for statute violations.

Written during the Civil War by the former Governor of Ohio, Secretary of Treasury under Lincoln, and Sixth Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Reading in part: “After mature consideration of the facts connected with this application, it does not appear that the Petitioner used that diligence in regard to securing the certificate mentioned, and in keeping them on board, which is required by the law, and I accordingly decline to intervene … “

The Charlotte Vanderbilt was part of the Vanderbilt fleet named after the Commodore’s sister, Charlotte, whose husband John de Forest had been Cornelius’s partner.

Accompanied by one-page statement by the Master of the steamer “Manhattan,” signed “Robert Kirby”.

Minor chipping, small tear, left side of second page with residue, else very good.