J.C. Penney 1943 Typed Letter Signed


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American businessman and entrepreneur (1875–1971) who built a chain of eponymous retail stores and pioneered employee profit sharing.

Typed letter signed (TLS) “J.C. Penney”, January 6, 1943, 7.25×10.5, personal stationery, to Dr. Merle A. Franton, in full:

When I talked to you last evening I believe you told me that you do not know Doctor Poling, who is to address the New York Club and its pre-Easter meeting on April twenty-second.

I am dropping you these few lines, therefore, to ask that you will make it a point to attend the New York Club meeting on that date, if possible, for I want you to hear and know Doctor Poling.  If you are able to be present, won’t you introduce yourself to Doctor Poling afterward and tell him you are doing so at my suggestion?  I would be happy to do this myself were it not for the fact that I shall be unable to attend the meeting because of my expected absence from the city.

I am writing Doctor Poling today and am sending him a copy of this letter so he will be on the lookout for you. 

It was a pleasure for me to make your acquaintance last evening, and although you are not a member of the New York branch, I hope I shall see something of you in the future.

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