David P. Lewis 1873 Document Signed as Governor of Alabama – Appointing Lieutenant Governor


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American politician who served as the 23rd Governor of Alabama from 1872 to 1874.  He was also a Deputy from Alabama to the Provisional Congress of the Confederate States, serving from February until April 1861, when he resigned from office.

Document signed “David P. Lewis” as Governor of Alabama, February 27, 1873, countersigned by the Secretary of State, appointing “Alex McKinstry…Lieutenant Governor of Alabama …for The State of Alabama…”,
with attractive seal at left side.

Highly uncommon high-level appointment.  Some staining, horizontal folds.

Alexander McKinstry (March 7, 1822 – October 9, 1879) was the third Lieutenant Governor of Alabama. A Republican, McKinstry served under Governor David P. Lewis of the same political party from 1872 to 1874.  He was the last Republican to serve as Lieutenant Governor until Steve Windom was sworn-in 125 years later.