Ronald Reagan 1968 Typed Letter Signed as Governor of California


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40th President.  Typed letter signed (TLS) “Dutch” as Governor of California, one page, 7.25x 10.5 on “State of California / Governor’s Office / Sacramento 95814” stationery, October 23, 1968, to Mr. and Mrs. Norman Moon in Des Moines, Iowa, in full:

Thanks for the picture.  I didn’t have that one.  I’m still on the go trying to get the votes rounded up.   Someday, some way there will have to be time for just sitting and sipping.

Reagan was involved in the Republican primaries of 1968, all the way through the Republican National Convention in Miami in early August 1968.  This letter was sent just 2 weeks before the national election, in which Richard Nixon was elected President – clearly Reagan was actively trying to help Nixon’s campaign at the time.

Mrs. Moon hired Reagan in the 1930’s to work at WHO Radio in Des Moines as a sportscaster, one of his first jobs in entertainment.  Uncommon “Dutch” signature, a name he was bequeathed in Iowa and used only with a select group of close friends.