Richard Nixon 1973 Typed Letter Signed as President


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37th President.  Typed letter signed  “RN” AS PRESIDENT, one page, 7×10.5, White House letterhead, September 18, 1973. Letter to Republican Congressman Bill Young at the House of Representatives, in full:

The recent action of the House of Representatives in connection with the Conference Report on the State Department Authorization Bill was a particularly heartening example of a responsible Legislature at work.

I am very much aware of the desire of the Congress to play its full Constitutional role in the foreign policy field and to receive from the Executive Branch the information required to do so.  I believe that in the months ahead you will find that those legitimate Congressional desires are fully met in such a way as to indicate clearly your wisdom in rejecting what Dave Dennis called the ‘meat-ax’ approach to these concerns.

I do not think it is overstating the case to say that the position taken by you and your colleagues was a reflection of the kind of statesmanlike judgment and prudence which has always been the heart of the effective conduct of our Government with its separation of powers.  I am grateful to you.

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