Harry S. Truman 1957 Typed Letter Signed – “As One Army Officer To Another”


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33rd President.  Typed letter signed “Harry S. Truman”, 7×10, May 11, 1957, personal “Federal Reserve Bank Building / Kansas City 6, Missouri” stationery, to “Major Pete L. Rice / United States Army Military Police Group / Armed Forces Special Weapons Project / Sandia Base, Albuquerque / New Mexio”, in full:

On the occasion of your retirement from the Army after thirty long years of service, I congratulate you and wish you success for all the years ahead.  This evening, you are surrounded by friends who enjoyed your leadership and companionship, and as you leave the service, remember, you are not leaving these and the many other friends you made during your Army career.

As one Army officer to another, again, congratulations.  You now have a right to relax and enjoy life with confidence that you you have made a contribution to the welfare of your country.

The Armed Forces Special Weapons Project (AFSWP) was a United States military agency responsible for those aspects of nuclear weapons remaining under military control after the Manhattan Project was succeeded by the Atomic Energy Commission on 1 January 1947. These responsibilities included the maintenance, storage, surveillance, security and handling of nuclear weapons, as well as supporting nuclear testing.

Mailing folds, else fine.