Harry S. Truman 1952 Typed Letter Signed as President – “The Goal of Peace For Which We Work and Pray Constantly”


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33rd President.  Typed letter signed “Harry S. Truman” AS PRESIDENT, 7×9, January 12, 1952, The White House Washington stationery, to Irv Kupcinet, American newspaper columnist for the Chicago Sun-Times, television talk-show host, and radio personality based in Chicago, Illinois, in full:

Ever so many thanks for your generous expressions in commendation of my message on the State of the Union.  I am glad it meant so much to you, and that you got such a favorable reaction from the people in Chicago.  Let us hope the months ahead will find us close to the goal of peace for which we work and pray constantly.

In very good condition, mailing fold, top border with toning but away from text block.

Truman delivered his State of the Union remarks on January 9.  In it he mentioned peace proposals many times:

“We are moving through a perilous time. Faced with a terrible threat of aggression, our Nation has embarked upon a great effort to help establish the kind of world in which peace shall be secure. Peace is our goal—not peace at any price, but a peace based on freedom and justice. We are now in the midst of our effort to reach that goal. On the whole, we have been doing very well.”

“If the Soviet leaders were to accept this proposal, it would lighten the burden of armaments, and permit the resources of the earth to be devoted to the good of mankind. But until the Soviet Union accepts a sound disarmament proposal, and joins in peaceful settlements, we have no choice except to build up our defenses.”

“But if there are any among us who think we ought to ease up in the fight for peace, I want to remind them of three things—just three things.

First: The threat of world war is still very real. We had one Pearl Harbor—let’s not get caught off guard again. If you don’t think the threat of Communist armies is real, talk to some of our men back from Korea.”

“Let us prove, again, that we are not merely sunshine patriots and summer soldiers. Let us go forward, trusting in the God of Peace, to win the goals we seek.”