Harry S. Truman 1951 Autograph Endorsement Signed as President – Defending Truman’s Early Business Dealings


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33rd President.  Autograph endorsement signed “Harry” AS PRESIDENT, July 30, 1951, 7.5×10, The White House Washington stationery, on bottom of letter from Eben A. Ayers to Truman’s longtime friend and business partner David H. Morgan.  The letter touches on negative comments on Truman made by newspapers and other publications and asks for Morgan’s assistance to support the President. The letter reads, in part:

Within recent weeks there have appeared in various newspapers and other publications a number of articles purporting to tell of the President’s association with you in the oil business in 1916 and 1917…At the suggestion of the President, I am writing you now to ask your help in putting the record straight as far as the facts relating to his participation in the oil venture are concerned…This, let me assure you, is not for any immediate publicity purpose but in the interest of preserving the truth for the future while it is still possible to get the truth.

With a handwritten and signed endorsement by Truman at the bottom margin that reads, Dave! – I’ll appreciate it if you’ll do this for Eben. Harry.

David H. Morgan was an early business partner with Truman.  Together, they founded the Morgan Oil & Refining Company in 1916.  They came very close to striking oil gold but sold the business just before the oil fields they were exploring were found to contain an incredible amount of oil.

Eben A. Ayers was Assistant Press Secretary to the President, 1945-1950 and Special Assistant in the White House Office, 1950-1953.

In very good condition, light toning, folds, mounting remnants on top and bottom edges.