Harry S. Truman 1948 Typed Letter Signed as President – Important Letter Related To The Establishment of Israel


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33rd President.  Typed letter signed “Harry S. Truman” AS PRESIDENT, 7×9, May 21, 1948, The White House Washington stationery, to Frank Buxton of the Boston Herald, in full:

Mr. Niles has shown me your very kind message of congratulations and this is just to let you know how much I appreciate this expression of approval.  Many, many thanks.

Mailing fold, else fine.

Just one week earlier, Truman had officially recognized the establishment of the State of Israel.  Both Buxton and “Mr. Niles” (David K. Niles) were deeply involved in the process.  Research via the Truman Library shows that Buxton sent a telegram to Niles on May 15, 1948 applauding the President’s actions.  It read:  “Warm congratulations to President on launching of two great sisterships leadership and statesmanship.”  It is located in Official File 204-D, Jewish State Miscellaneous, May 1948 at the Truman Library.

Frank Buxton was a Pultizer Prize-winning editor of the Boston Herald, who had been appointed by President Truman, in 1945, to be part of an Anglo-American commission of inquiry into the problems of the Jews in Europe and in Palestine.

David K. Niles was a political advisor who worked in the White House from 1942–1951 for the administrations of Franklin Roosevelt and Harry Truman. Niles was one of only two Roosevelt aides retained by Truman upon his assumption of the presidency.

Niles had long been deeply sympathetic to the Zionist hope of establishing a Jewish state in their homeland in Palestine, and was important in providing access to the White House for American Zionists. Niles was said to be capable of bending the president’s ear to Zionist arguments.

Niles’ efforts on behalf of Jewish statehood earned him the support and praise of such figures as Chaim Weizmann and Moshe Sharett.