George H.W. Bush 1987 Autograph Letter Signed as Vice President – “Charismatic Devil That I Am”


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41st President.  Autograph letter signed (ALS) “George” AS VICE PRESIDENT, September 22, 1987, 6.5×4, both sides of Vice Presidential notecard, to Congressman Samuel Devine, in full:

I was glad to get that supportive letter.  The ‘charisma’ bit needs work – but you know me – charismatic devil that I am.  Now how do we get others to make up their minds on facts; not fiction.  I’ll strive mightily to do that.

We’ve got to do well in Florida.  The Presidency II straw poll is important.  Let’s win it.  Thanks, good guy –

Great content letter.  Writing a shade light, but fully legible.

Letter is lightly attached to double-sided mat so both sides can be seen.

Just a month later, on October 13, 1987, sitting Vice President officially announced he was running for the Republican Party’s nomination in the 1988 Presidential election.

The “Presidency II straw poll” that Bush refers to was the Florida Republican Convention and Straw Poll held in Orlando on November 14, 1987.