Dwight D. Eisenhower 1961 Typed Letter Signed as President – To His Brother


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34th President.  Typed letter signed (TLS) “D.E.” AS PRESIDENT, one page, January 7, 1961, 6.75×9, The White House Washington stationery, to his brother, Edgar Eisenhower in Tacoma, Washington, in full:

Your letter of the third just shows how little you know your younger brother.  I have made it a practice for years never to accept an honorarium for any talk; this policy I adopted right after World War II.

Bust aside from that, while I am complimented by Dr. Thompson’s suggestion, I have promised Mamie — and myself — to make no speaking engagements (in fact, no commitments of any kind) for the time being.  I can only suggest, if Dr. Thompson wants to renew his suggestion, he or you get in touch me sometime during the latter part of 1961.

Give my love to Lucy and, of course, all the best to you.

In fine condition, two file holes at top.

Accompanied by some great carbon correspondence from Edgar to Dwight, including the January 3, 1961 letter asking Dwight to speak, for a fee of $1000, at the University of Puget Sound.  In our letter, the President declines.

Interestingly, a second carbon letter from Edgar to Dwight, dated January 12, 1961, is included.  As Eisenhower prepared to leave the White House as John F. Kennedy was set to assume office, Edgar wrote to his brother:

I suppose after January 20th that your Social Security. together with your unemployment insurance, is sufficient so that you will not be required to charge for making an address, but I just wanted you to know that the college was not expecting you to do this for nothing…You will be free a week from tomorrow and sometime after that, I will list my name in the telephone book again.