Dwight D. Eisenhower 1957 Typed Letter Signed as President – To His Brother


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34th President.  Typed letter signed (TLS) “Ike” AS PRESIDENT, one page, March 25, 1957, 6.75×9, The White House Washington stationery, to his brother, Edgar Eisenhower, in full:

Until I received your letter I did not know there was an impending vacancy on the Securities and Exchange Commission.  I am turning over your recommendation to Sherman Adams who, in the case of the Independent Agencies, has the task of investigating personal records to determine suitable appointments to these posts.  This morning he tells me that he has been looking over the records of several men — all recommended by Secretary Humphrey of the Treasury Department.

Sherman will look into the matter thoroughly — but I do suggest that when you know of a man who might fill a government position with distinction you should submit your suggestion at the earliest possible moment.  In that way we can sometimes give greater consideration because of the fact decisions are not already in the crystallizing stage.

As to health, I am delighted you are better.  I saw George Allen last evening who had met you as you were going back to Tacoma.  He thought that so far as appearance was concerned you were perfectly wonderful.

For myself, I have not yet completely shaken off my bronchial cough.  This morning I had an hour’s session with a whole flock of doctors.  They apparently think it is just a stubborn case of bronchitis and nothing serious, but I must say that at times it really gets me down.

Give Lucy my love.  I am especially grateful to her for her faithfulness in writing to me so often about your condition while you were in Arizona.  Also, of course, my warm greetings to Janis and her family.

In fine condition.  Two file holes at top.

Superb personal letter as President.