Benjamin Harrison 1892 Letter Signed as President


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23rd President.

Two-page manuscript letter signed “Benj. Harrison” AS PRESIDENT, Washington, June 13, 1892, 1st and third sheets of four-page Executive Mansion stationery, to Cornelius Bliss, in full:

I very deeply appreciate your words of kindly congratulations, particularly as I know they were backed by most earnest and unselfish efforts to secure that over which you now express your satisfaction.  There is a great work before us now and we shall need your advice and help.  The first question is that of the organization – national, and in your state.  Think about it; and, if you can run over within the next ten days I will be glad to see you.

Mrs. Harrison continues to suffer from nervous prostration and makes a very tedious recovery.  I don’t know when I will be able to get her away or to get away myself for a little rest, which I very much need.

Harrison was re-nominated for President during the Republican National Convention held in Minnesota just days before sending this letter.

Caroline Harrison would spend much of 1892 sick with tuberculosis – and die just a few weeks before the election of 1892, in which Grover Cleveland defeated Harrison.

Cornelius N. Bliss, the letter’s recipient, was a member of McKinley’s Cabinet, serving as Secretary of the Interior.

In very good condition, small tear in middle of second page, with no impact.