Zachary Taylor 1836 Manuscript Letter Signed – Beautiful Signature


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12th President.  Manuscript letter signed: “Z. Taylor. Col./1st Regt, U.S. Infy./Comdg“, 8×10, “Head Qu. 1st Infy., Fort Crawford, P.D. Chien”, August 8, 1836.

The future Mexican War General and President writes to General Roger Jones, Adjutant General, U.S. Army, Washington, in full:

I have the honor to enclose to you a communication for the Hon. Secretary of War [Lewis Cass] on the subject of the Military roads & the posts to be established on it, west of the Mississippi River, which I have to request that you will see that it reaches its place of destination.

Twelve years after this letter was written, Taylor was the victorious Whig candidate for President. His opponent was Democratic nominee Cass, Jackson’s Secretary of War, whom Taylor mentions in this letter.

In 1830, Congress had authorized the building of a military road from Chicago to Green Bay. In 1832, Secretary of War Cass proposed that the road be continued to Prairie du Chien (now Wisconsin), where Colonel Taylor wrote this letter. Taylor’s troops had the responsibility of cutting down steep hills, building bridges and constructing causeways. In 1837 “Old Rough and Ready” was promoted to Brigadier General and given command of all U.S. troops in Florida, where he had gone to fight the Seminole Indians. Later, his victories in the Mexican War made him a national hero – and set the ball rolling for his Whig nomination for President.

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