William Henry Harrison 1812 Autograph Document Signed as 1st Governor of Indiana Territory


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9th President.

Autograph document signed “Will’m Henry Harrison”, May 30, 1812, Cincinnati, 7.5×4.5, 8 full lines of handwritten text concerning a financial matter.

In remarkably clean condition, 2 vertical folds.

This is an early document from the Indiana Territory, which had been incorporated by Congress in 1800. President John Adams appointed Harrison, a Northwest Territory congressman, as the first governor of Indiana, and he took office in early 1801. Although he successfully negotiated a number of land treaties with the Native Americans in the area, Harrison did not achieve national fame until his victorious effort over Tecumseh at the Battle of Tippecanoe in 1811.  He resigned on December 28, 1812 to resume his military career during the War of 1812.